Hard Inc. Sponsors

Thank you for considering sponsorship of Hard, Inc. Triathlon and Running Team of New Orleans.  Our team consists of a very diverse group of endurance athletes who have made quite an impression on the local triathlon scene.  We are a tight group of friends and training partners, and every one of us is proud to be associated with Hard, Inc.  In fact, you’ll see our team members virtually every weekend, out training in Hard, Inc. uniforms and gear.

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Sponsorship Benefits

As one of our proud sponsors, you will enjoy many of the benefits of association with Hard, Inc. and the triathlon community of athletes:

  • Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. Membership in USA Triathlon (USAT), the national governing body of the sport, has grown to 550,000 as of 2017, up 200% since the end of 2002. The numbers continue to grow, particularly in New Orleans, where the Ochsner Ironman 70.3 New Orleans event has drawn thousands of new triathletes to the sport and attracted some of the fastest professional triathletes in the world.

  • Position your organization with the healthy lifestyle associated with swimming, biking, and running. The three sports that comprise triathlon embrace healthful living through a lifestyle of disciplined exercise and nutrition. Furthermore, the sport has seen tremendous growth in the 30-49 age groups (55% of all members), a segment looking for varied outlets for fitness and the opportunity to train and race with their growing children.

  • Target an attractive demographic. According to USAT, 49.4% of their members household income is $126,000 and 85% of athletes have attended or graduated from a four-year college (with 28% holding a Master’s degree or higher). A recent USAT survey found that triathletes spend an average of over $4,000 per year on sport-related purchases. Further demographic data shows the average age of a triathlete is 38 years old and membership is composed of 60% male and 40% female.

Marketing Samples

There are a many ways we plan to promote our sponsors during the season:

Sponsors’ logos and links to their websites will be placed on our website:  www.hardinc.org

Team Uniforms

  • Platinum, Gold and silver level sponsors’ logos will be placed on team uniforms (similar in design to last year’s uniforms, as seen at right).

  • Team members will wear these uniforms at triathlon and running race events; the typical Hard, Inc. athlete does 6-10 triathlons annually, in addition to several running events, representing hundreds of racer days per year.

Printed Materials

  • Sponsor logos and member discounts will be promoted in all printed materials, including flyers.

  • Member discounts will be promoted via the team’s email listserv.

Sponsorship Levels

We gratefully accept contributions of any level and will work with your organization to provide adequate recognition for your contributions. Please review our Sponsorship Information Brochure for detailed information regarding each level. 

Member Discounts
Production Donations

If your organization cannot provide a monetary donation, we also are interested in member discounts and product donations. We encourage our members and friends to support our sponsors!